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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is JAPAN and the WORLD introducing a paywall?

JAPAN and the WORLD provides coverage of diplomacy, diversity, bilateral business, actionable business insight in Japan and the rest of the world, and cross-cultural relationships between Japan and 160+ foreign missions in the country. We are asking our most frequent visitors to consider contributing to JAPAN and the WORLD so that we can continue and expand this coverage.

How does it work?

We are introducing what is known as a metered paywall. Specifically, you will be able to preview the articles published on the website. After that point, if you want to continue the reading, you will be prompted to sign up for a “Website” account or full access.

What does it offer?

In addition to full access to JAPAN and the WORLD’s website, your “All-Access” subscription will automatically subscribe you to JAPAN and the WORLD’s magazine (digital edition only), which offers additional exclusive content available only to subscribers. It also offers access to the magazine’s archives.

What other subscription types are there?

Apart from the “All-Access” subscription, we offer a “Magazine” subscription, which gives you a 12-month subscription to JAPAN and the WORLD’s magazine (digital edition only), which can be read online or on a mobile device. You can also purchase a single issue of the magazine (hard copy) here.

What is the Magazine subscription?

Every three months, we produce a print magazine that includes a cover story, four long-form lead features, more than a dozen other exclusive articles and interviews with ambassadors, opinion shapers and key government officials. This is premium content available only to subscribers, and with a “Website” account you will be able to read it on the website or on your choice of mobile device.

I’m already a subscriber to the magazine, what should I do?

As a magazine subscriber, you may wish to consider upgrading to an All-Access account, giving you full access to the website and access to the magazine’s archive.

I’m a subscriber to the magazine, but don’t visit the website that often. Should I still get a “Website” account?

Yes, it is worth doing because it allows you to read the magazine on the website and on multiple devices.

I purchased a subscription. Now what?

If you purchased a “All-Access” or “Magazine” subscription on this website, you will have created an account at the time of purchase. Log in with your account email and password. You will be able to read JAPAN and the WORLD magazine here. If you have an “All-Access” account you will also have full access to the website and to the magazine archives.

If you are still having issues, please contact us.

Why should I create an account?

To read JAPAN and the WORLD magazine online or on other devices, you need to associate your subscription with an account.

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