Issue 22 - SPRING 2018

Osaka, the large port city and commercial center of the Japanese island of Honshu has gained popularity over the years as the center of attention in the land of the Rising Sun. Renowned for its hearty and friendly locals, tasty cuisine, colorful nightlife, catchy dialect and modern architecture, it is ranked one of the most visited cities in Japan with a whopping 9.4 million foreign tourists visiting in 2016 – a record announced by the Osaka Tourism Authorities.

But is that all the Kansai-ben speaking city wants to be known for? Originally, the birthplace of prominent Japanese companies such as Sharp, Sumitomo, Panasonic and several others as well as being once considered the heart of the medical world in Japan, Osaka is aiming to achieve an equal if not better equilibrium independent of Tokyo. In an effort to reinvent itself, Osaka has bid as a candidate to host the World Expo 2025 and it is through such initiatives that it hopes to define itself as a befitting partner in the economic and social growth of the Kansai region and of Japan as a whole.

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