Issue 21 - WINTER 2017

Infrastructure around the world has, over the years, gone through many changes and has either improved or depreciated in different countries across the globe. Large-scale infrastructure is a must-have for any economy to function properly and competitively. Such infrastructure needs to be maintained and updated for a country’s economy to run smoothly.

Japan seems to lead the way in regards to not only infrastructure but real estate as well. With the rising number of foreigners settling in Japan, the country is learning to adapt to not only the needs of the clientele but to their safety as well. So what sets it apart and makes its building methods unique to those from around the world?

The Christmas tree project, spearheaded by Seijun Nishihata, CEO of Sora Botanical Garden project is a good example of state-of-the-art infrastructures. In December 2017, his company planted the world’s tallest largest Christmas tree in Kobe, an achievement only made possible by having access to advanced infrastructures such as cranes, efficient seaports and of course exemplary roads.

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