Issue 16

July 2016

The one and only magazine in English and Japanese with 80 pages dedicated to showcasing Africa-Japan relations.

This special issue will be used as a guide on how Japanese businessmen can invest in Africa and also introduce the African private sector. It will also deepen the understanding between Japanese and African leaders in order to strengthen the ties and promote business and investment opportunities.

Guide—How to invest in Africa

80 pages dedicated to showcasing the Africa-Japan relations.

North African Region

West African Region

East African Region

Central African Region

South African Region

GUIDE | How to invest in Africa


TICAD VI—A continuous effort of building friendship and solidarity

Message from H.E. Mr. Afeworki ESTIFANOS, the Dean of the African Diplomatic Corps.


TICAD VI and its result with investments from Japan

Message from Mr. Junzo FUJITA, the Ambassador for TICAD and Ambassador in charge of RECs, Peace, and Security in Africa.


TICAD VI—Cementing Japan-Africa business partnership

Inter Media Japan sat down with H.E. Mr. S.K. Maina MBS, Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya to Japan, to discuss the upcoming TICAD VI and Kenya’s ongoing preparation to host the conference this coming August.


Japan-Africa—Hand in hand towards the future Part II

H.E. Mr. François Oubida, Ambassador of Burkina Faso and president of the TICAD committee among the Africa Diplomatic Corps. (ADC) and Mr. Maruyama Norio, Ambassador, Director General, African Affairs Department (MOFA) share their insight on strengthening Japan-Africa partnership through TICAD with JAPAN and the WORLD magazine.


JETRO—Africa, the untapped business frontier

JAPAN and the WORLD magazine sat down with Dr. Katsumi Hirano, Executive Vice President of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), to find out more about JETRO’s activities in Africa.


Helping Africa’s Smallholder Farmers help themselves

Africa has almost 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land and an agricultural sector that employs 65% of the total labor force. Despite the huge potential this offers, the continent remains a net importer of food crops, largely because many smallholder farmers, which consists majority of farmers in Africa, still rely on rudimentary and antiquated techniques and technologies and have little or no access to agricultural markets.


A perspective from the CEO of NEPAD on regional development in Africa

Interview with Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, CEO of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Agency and a former Prime Minister of Niger about Brexit, TICAD VI and the vision of the Africa Union.


Introduction—Japanese business community and Africa

Holding TICAD-VI in Africa from the August 27th to 28th will certainly bring more visibility on Africa’s business opportunities through Japanese media coverage of the event. It will also demonstrate the growing role that the private sector plays in promoting socioeconomic development.


Africa’s partners—NEC: Pursues social value creation

JAPAN and the WORLD spoke with Dr. Nobuhiro Endo, Chairman of the Board of NEC Corporation (NEC) to learn more about its vision and business activities in Africa.


Africa’s partners—Toyota Tsusho: With Africa, For Africa

Toyota Tsusho, a long time African partner reinforces its investment in Africa by buying out CFAO. JAPAN and the WORLD sat down with President & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jun Karube to understand Toyota Tsusho activities in Africa.


Women and Youth—Africa’s key to a bright future

A new Africa is quickly arriving. The continent is on the rise as initiatives are being taken to move Africa into a brighter future. Leaders on the continent have discovered Africa’s true potential and it is not gold, oil, or diamonds, but its very own population, especially the women and children.


JICA—Youth, at the heart of the African development

JICA’s Vice President, Mr. Hiroshi Kato gives us his insight on how Japan has been assisting in fostering the training and employment of African youth.



Ghana’s social protection program is going pan-Africa

JAPAN and the WORLD sat down with H.E. Mr. John Dramani Mahama to find out more about the purpose of his recent visit to Japan.



Introduction—The origin of gourmet coffee

From the dancing goat to Italian espresso.


The boom of specialty coffee in Japan

Japan is a nation synonymous with tea – from its centuries old tea ceremony to the plastic bottles of green tea sold in vending machines. But the Japanese also have a surprisingly healthy appetite for another less traditional beverage: namely coffee.


Around the world—How do you drink your coffee?

Coffee is a global phenomenon, and people have been drinking it all over the world for centuries. As befits a drink that is enjoyed by cultures that have almost nothing else in common with each other, coffee is roasted, brewed, and drink in a bewildering variety of ways. Here are some examples of how people take coffee around the globe.

Mocha Coffee—A masterpiece in a cup

Tucked away in the hills of Tokyo’s Daikanyama is the shop Mocha Coffee, Japan’s only cafe specializing in Yemeni Mocha (Mokha) coffee. JAPAN and the WORLD sat down with its owner Maiko Miyake to discuss the coffee culture in Yemen and her one-of-a-kind shop.



Opening of Japan through global communication channels

JAPAN and the WORLD interviewed Mr. Kenko Sone to talk about the Japanese Prime Minister’s idea on expanding communication networks of Japanese people abroad.


Okinawa—The culture that has spread around the globe

JAPAN and the WORLD sat down with Mr. Takeshi Onaga, the Governor of Okinawa to find out more about Uchina community.


Shobi Printing—Bringing tradition into the digital age

JAPAN and the WORLD magazine interviewed the president of Shobi Printing, Mr. Yonehara Masanobu to find out more about today and the future of printing.



KAFUKA TOKYO—Where New Forms of Expression are Created

A place where people, things, information and other elements go back and forth to create and offer something new.



G7 meets to address global crisis and foster relationships

The 2016 G7 Summit was held in Ise-Shima, Japan on May 26th and 27th. At the event, seven world leaders discussed pressing issues that are affecting global society today. A wide variety of issues were discussed ranging from global economic growth, global health, counter terrorism efforts, and the refugee crisis.


Government of panama launches three major transportation and energy projects ahead of massive Panama Canal expansion

June 26th marks the opening of the Panama Canal Expansion, carrying a revolutionary impact on global shipping (increased accessibility and reduced costs) by doubling the Canal’s capacity.



Mozambique and Japan—A pearl of the Indian Ocean

Ethiopia and Japan—Forming people-to-people bilateral relationships

Togo and Japan—Feelings of satisfaction and gratitude


The successful Japanese hometown tax system

The furusato nozei or “hometown tax” donation system is a way for individuals to donate to local governments. For the past few years, this subject has been heavily discussed on television, but how the furusato nozei system actually works has not been very clear. This article will touch on the basics of the furusato nozei system and the advantages it may have for both local governments and international businesses.



The Negotiation Workshop Dinner

Inter Media Japan strongly promotes women empowerment issues, not only on the pages of JAPAN and the WORLD magazine, but also by organizing events. The Negotiation Workshop Dinner for female ambassadors and leaders took place at The Peninsula Tokyo on the 30th of June. The event was also attended by the General Manager of the hotel, Sonja Vodusek. Malene Rix, an executive advisor and trainer in negotiation and process facilitation, who came all the way from Denmark, conducted the workshop.



Togo—Bringing the smile of Africa to Japan

As part of its effort to promote the Togolese culture and strengthen the bilateral and cultural cooperation between Togo and Japan, the Embassy of Togo organized the Togolese Cultural Festival in Japan from March 31st to April 30th, 2016.


The Republic of South Africa Celebrates its 22nd National Day

On April 27th, 2016, the diplomatic mission of the Embassy of the Republic South Africa in Tokyo hosted its 22nd National Day reception under the theme, “Celebrating South Africa’s National Identity”.


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