Issue 12

July 2015

The July issue of JAPAN and the WORLD magazine will take a hard look at one of Africa’s greatest riches―its natural resources. What opportunities are ahead for the continent’s vast resource for gold, diamonds, and oil, to name a few? Sometimes called Africa’s “resource curse,” how can the continent reap the benefits of its natural riches while avoiding the pitfalls? We will put these questions to some of Africa’s leading private and public sector players, including entrepreneurs, social innovators and leading thinkers.

In the features section of JAPAN and the WORLD magazine, we will take on two key drivers of the global economy: Demographics (Ageing) and the Robotics industry.

Japan-Africa—Hand in hand towards the future

H.E. Mr. Belmiro José Malate, Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique and chair of ADC TICAD committee and Mr. Murayama Norio, Director General of the Africa Affairs Department (MOFA) share their insight on strengthening Japan-Africa partnership through TICAD with Japan and the World magazine.

COVER STORY | Japan-Africa


Japan—International Business Hub

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is advancing efforts to attract foreign companies and develop international business environment by using the Tokyo Area National Strategic Special Zone and the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters.


Alluring Investors Japan’s Effort to Attract Foreign Businesses

Since the creation of the “Japan Revitalization Strategy—Japan is Back” on June 14, 2013, there has been a stream of promotional activities to lure foreign direct investment (FDI) to Japan. JAPAN and the WORLD magazine talked with Mr. Hirobumi Iida from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on the country’s recent efforts to increase foreign direct investment.



Greece and Japan—Strengthening Bilateral Ties

Algeria and Japan—A relationship marked by a long history of friendship and a promising future


Fiji Prime Minister makes first Japan visit in 10 years

Papua New Guinea’s First Prime Minister Somare Awarded Japan’s Highest Honor

The Seventh Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM7)

Colombia-Japan—The Eleventh Round of Negotiations for the Colombia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

Bogotá DC, May 24, 2015. With a positive balance and progress in the four groups that met, the Eleventh Round of Negotiations for Economic Partnership Agreement between Colombia and Japan ended in Tokyo (Japan).


The Journey to Female Empowerment in India

On April 7 2015, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje brought a delegation to Japan and gave a speech on women empowerment at the Embassy of India in Tokyo.



Zimbabwe—Peace, Equality and Unity

On March 15, 2015, JAPAN and the WORLD magazine sat down for a special interview with H.E. Mr. Robert G. Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, who was on an official visit in Sendai to attend the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (UN WCDRR). With increasing globalization and demand for natural resources, the African continent is rapidly gaining worldwide attention. President Mugabe discusses the economic and security challenges Zimbabwe and other African countries are facing, as well as the agendas prompting changes in the region.


AfDB—Introducing Dr. Akinwumi Ayo Adesina

Japan’s National Resilience Strategy

African Union—Ethiopia and Regional Integration in Africa

Fighting piracy in Africa, to the West and to the East

Since the early 21st century, piracy has surged off the coasts of Africa and become a threat to world security and trade. As a result, a number of international actors are attempting to curb piracy.


Japan-Africa—Hand in hand towards the future Part I

H.E. Mr. Belmiro José Malate, Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique and chair of ADC TICAD committee and Mr. Murayama Norio, Director General of the Africa Affairs Department (MOFA) share their insight on strengthening Japan-Africa partnership through TICAD with Japan and the World magazine.



Message from Mayor Hayashi, City of Yokohama

Introduction—J-SUMIT 2

The success of the first Angola-Japan Business Forum

Mozambique’s diverse opportunities for investment

Namibia—Toward achievement of all its strategic objectives

JAPAN and the WORLD magazine sat down with Mr. Graham Hopwood to find out about the bright future standing before the Japan-Namibia bilateral relationship. Mr. Hopwood is the Executive Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), an independent organization based in Windhoek, Namibia, which delivers analytical and critical research on social, political and economic issues.


Benin—Strategic Orientations of the Government

The administration of President Yayi Boni aims to transform Benin’s economy and the political system into a modern one. To achieve its goals, Benin organized an economic roundtable in Paris in June last year. At the end of this roundtable, participating governments, as well as partners from the public and private sectors pledged USD 12 billion to finance the various programs and projects in Benin.


Botswana—Towards a more diverse economy


Introduction—Robotics, an endless revolution

Robots: the evocation of the word brings high technology and sometimes even science fiction to the mind. However, robotics has left the realm of science fiction for several years now. The market is expanding rapidly worldwide.


HAL—When Robotics meet Cybernetics

JAPAN and the WORLD took the train to the University of Tsukuba located in Tsukuba city, just northeast of Tokyo, to meet with the visionary and developer behind CYBERDYNE Inc., HAL®, Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai.


Grasping the future of robotics

JAPAN and the WORLD magazine attended the New Economy Summit 2015 in Tokyo, organized by the Japan Association of New Economy. Among the speakers was Charlie Duncheon, co-founder and advisor of Grabit, Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up in robotics. With over 25 years of experience in high technology and industrial robotics, Charlie Duncheon offered his take on our future with robots during this event. JAPAN and the WORLD had the opportunity to discuss further with him what lies ahead in the field of robotics, as well as what role Japan can undertake.



New Ways of Seeing

In regional Japan the average age is rising and the population is shrinking. As these trends accelerate, communities have less access to people who can examine the situation with fresh eyes.



Rwanda—Re-imagining the “Land of a Thousand Hills”

JAPAN and the WORLD magazine sat down with the Ambassador of Rwanda to Japan, H.E. Dr. Charles Murigande, to discuss the Land of a Thousand Hills’ extraordinary development.


Albania—In search of new markets

Aga Charytoniuk sat down with H.E. Mr. Ditmir Bushati, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, to discuss the prominent future of the country’s private sector. This interview was conducted during the visit of Minister Bushati in Tokyo on 6-7 April 2015.



Japan’s Senior Volunteers

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been implementing volunteer programs in which people of different backgrounds and ages leave Japan to venture to other developing countries and help in different tasks based on the specific country’s specific needs.


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