About Us

About Us

Inter Media Japan started publishing the JAPAN and the WORLD magazine in May 2013. Since then, it has acquired an increasing amount of readers and interests from the diplomatic and corporate community in Japan.

Established in 2012, Inter Media Japan is a Tokyo-based creative media agency with a simple purpose: to promote bilateral relations between Japan and the world.

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About JAPAN and the WORLD online

JAPAN and the WORLD online offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science and technology.

About JAPAN and the WORLD

1. Our Concept

JAPAN and the WORLD magazine is a bilingual (English- Japanese) business magazine that promotes business opportunities between Japan and 160+ Foreign missions. The magazine also highlights the activities of diplomatic missions in Japan and the challenges they are facing to achieve their goals and to become closer business partners to Japan.

In addition, JAPAN and the WORLD focuses on understanding how Japanese corporate leaders compete on the international stage. Moreover, JAPAN and the WORLD covers a wealth of culturally diverse issues, the reality of current economics, present and future investment projects, trade, finance, and tourism news as well as social events. From interviews with heads of states, high-level government officials, ambassadors and CEOs to sector analysis and corporate testimonials, JAPAN and the WORLD magazine keeps its readers informed and involved in bilateral conversations.

2. Our Identity
To connect, create and share for the benefit of an international Japan. We connect foreign countries and businesses to Japan. We create new business strategies and opportunities. We share successful partnerships via our platforms. We do this to further international Japan—our vision of the Japan of the future.

3. Our Values
We believe mutual understanding between people, cultures and businesses leads to success.

4. Our Aim
To connect the dots through Business-to-Business matchmaking and promotion to explore bilateral relation and business opportunities.

Our Services

Nation and Regional Branding:
Increasing numbers of countries are realizing that in order to break into the Japanese market, they must cultivate their national image through Nation Branding. Successful nation branding creates positive associations that, in turn, increase public awareness of a country’s cultural and business profile.

Photography and Video:
We offer on-demand photo and video production to provide you with high-quality content which is key to any promotion plan. Our photographers and/or videographers will visit your country and take unique footage ready to be used to promote your country and build relationships with influencers, media and the Japanese public.

Inter Media Japan specializes in planning creative, professional and high impact occasions that will resonate with attendees as memorable experiences.

Hosting events are a great way to reach out to a specific audience but requires professional planning and execution to maximize outcomes.

Bilateral PR:
Positioning ourselves at the center of the bilateral business world, Inter Media Japan has a very distinct PR approach. We connect the private sector, governments and media in order to create synergies.

Print and Design Production:
Your printed marketing materials are considered an extension of your brand. Ensure your materials make a lasting impression that conveys the best representation of your overall image.

Our print and graphic design experts work closely with you to develop, design and print quality work. By doing so, we can efficiently communicate your brand and message to potential clients and partners.

Digital Communication:
Inter Media Japan integrates digital presence as an integral part of the nation branding package in order to:
1. Create a digital presence that matches the targets defined by the nation branding objectives.
2. Consolidate, correct and improve existing digital assets.
3. Create and associate digital assets to match trends related to the nation branding objectives.

Company Profile

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If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us for more information via: info@intermediajapan.com.

If you would like to advertise with JAPAN and the WORLD or find out about our rates, circulation and specifications requirements for advertising, please fill out the form here or feel free to contact us at: info@intermediajapan.com.

Our Team

Founder & CEO:
Pia von Waldau

Board Member:
Keiichi Sano

Laurent Trempe

Media Director:
Nobuo (Nick) Nakazawa

Art Director:
Romain Gaullier

Business Development Manager & Editor:
Seiko Mbako

Executive Assistant & Japanese Editor:
Hiromi Shigematsu

Digital Manager:
Miwo Amemiya

Southeast Asia Bureau Chief:
Marc Béliveau

Aga Charytoniuk

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