Walking for Peace since 1999

Walking for Peace since 1999
Photo Credit To Tom Zeising

JAPAN and the WORLD had the chance to sit down with Libyan legend, Mr. Nuri Funas. In 1999, Funas started his mission to spread a message of peace and love to the world on foot. Since then, he travelled from Scandinavia to Cape Town then from Senegal to now Japan.

His courage, determination and passion not only make him the peacemaker he is but also the survivor he became. In search of life-changing adventures and intercultural experiences, briefly recounted how he spent the last two decades. “One day I could walk between 30 km and 40 km, but I always walk with the sun; from sunrise to sunset. And stop when it is night.” Funas knew exactly what to do in order to find shelter or food, “In the wild, you have to be careful and you have to go step by step.”

When asked what he likes most about a city like Tokyo, he said that he enjoyed the contrast between city and wilderness but the latter would be where he finds most solace.

The main purpose of his mission in Japan is to experience how locals view peace and the world in general. He adds, “The Japanese people did something many countries couldn’t do after the World War 2: they learned from their past and focused on a peaceful future.”

To further understand the Japanese mentality on peace and while continuing his own campaign, he will keep walking throughout Japan during the month of March 2018. He will begin his adventure by heading south on the east coast visiting the Mount Fuji, Osaka and then Hiroshima until he reaches Nagasaki. He will then continue northwards to Hokkaido till his return to Tokyo. Although Japan will be the last island he will visit on the continent, he will continue his trek through central and north Asia.

We can only hope that the story of Funas can be an inspiration and an encouragement for every individual fighting or dedicating their lives for world peace.

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