Paralympic Games Wrap up

Paralympic Games Wrap up
Photo Credit To Republic of Korea

It is official, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games ended on Sunday with a record of 48 countries and the Neutral Paralympic Athlete (NPA) Delegation.

Following the International Paralympic Committee’s ban on the country over systematic doping issues, Russian nationals participated as individuals under the Paralympic Flag.

The competition on snow and ice crowned the United States of America, followed by the NPA delegation and Canada.

The Japanese delegation won the 3rd largest medal count for the country with 10 medals, 3 of them gold. The flag carrier, Momoka Muraoka, won one gold and four other medals, the most for a Japanese athlete in one winter Paralympic Games setting.

During the closing ceremony, hearing-impaired ballerinas and other dancers put on a show under the eyes of thousands of witnesses. At the end of the ceremony, the Paralympics flag was handed over to a Chinese official, as Beijing is the next host of the game in 2022.

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