A new route to Hawaii

A new route to Hawaii
Photo Credit To PK-REN

From 2019, All Nippon Airways (ANA) will run a new route linking Tokyo to Honolulu.

Using an Airbus A380, a double-decker aircraft of more than 500 seats, the company aims at increasing its ability to serve the most favored international destination of the Japanese.

ANA Holdings, the airline’s parent company purchased several A380 last year, allowing the Japanese airline to become the first to use that type of aircraft in spring 2019.

The design of the aircraft is based on the work of the Tokyo artist Chihiro Masuoka and represents a detailed pattern of a green see turtle, a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The special green sea turtle design was selected out of more than thousands of submissions from around the world.

ANA is currently offering two daily flights to Honolulu from Narita International Airport and one from Haneda International Airport with its Boeing 767 fleet.

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