Turning tables with sake nouveau in France

Turning tables with sake nouveau in France

Every November, French winemakers export millions of bottles of Beaujolais that are avidly consumed by an ever-increasing Japanese clientele looking for the fruity beverage.

On the other hand, in recent years, France has been a target of choice for the Japanese rice winemakers hoping to turn the tides by bringing sake nouveau to the land of the bon vivant.

Similar to the red wine, sake nouveau is an alcohol made for quick consumption as the flavor peaks within the six weeks of bottling.

Unknown to the masses, it recently made headlines with its use by many Michelin star-awarded French chiefs in their menu. Analogous to the wine in terms of culinary quality, the sake nouveau is used as flavor-enhancement to bring a new taste to the dishes.

The unusual aroma coupled with the increasing valuation of the Japanese sake in France undeniably augurs a bright future to the industry.

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