Halal-friendly Ramen grows in popularity in Kyoto

Halal-friendly Ramen grows in popularity in Kyoto

Japan welcomed a total of 24 million tourists last year, well ahead of the 20 million target set by the government for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and Muslim tourists account for an increasing number of arrivals.

The land of the rising sun seems to be rolling out the red carpet to welcome even more Muslim visitors with several changes taking place across the country. Qiblahs (arrows pointing to Mecca) and prayer rooms can already be seen at airports and commercial complexes – but customizable halal-friendly ramen restaurants? Now that, for sure, is a first.

Although halal meals became available on menus about a decade ago, it has taken a while to see restaurants in Japan, especially small ones, picking up on the trend.

A ramen factory in Higashiyama, Kyoto allows its Muslim customers to cook their own meals using halal ingredients!
Opened in October and run by the Japan Food Entertainment Inc., this ramen factory has implemented a number of changes to suit their Muslim clients and is gaining their acclamation.

The soup broth includes salt, wheat, rice and miso produced from boiled and fermented soybeans and instead of roasted pork, the usual topping for ramen is replaced by chicken.

And to top it all off, the factory features a prayer room to allow for its customers to fulfill their religious duties.

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