The Lodge by Yahoo! Japan

The Lodge by Yahoo! Japan
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Asia is fast becoming a hub for travelers and digital nomads. Why digital nomads? Well simply because it is becoming increasingly easy to find numerous trendy, cozy and even sometimes eco-friendly co-working spaces that create a perfect work getaway. These co-working spaces create a comfortable place to work and mingle at the same time.

So what exactly is a co-working space? Apart from being a shared working environment as per its name, Wikipedia defines it as a social gathering of a group of people who are working independently but share the same values and are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with people who value working in the space alongside each other. Long definition? Yes! Accurate? Well, let’s leave that to each individual to decide.

Co-working spaces were created, in a nutshell, to offer a perfect solution to the problems of isolation and lack of inspiration many a freelancer experiences all the while allowing them to escape the distractions of their home.

Although co-working spaces were quite a hit in countries around Asia like Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, India, and Cambodia, co-working spaces were still a rarity in the Land of the Rising Sun as recently as 5 years ago! Today, it is estimated about 300 (or more) co-working places exist in Tokyo alone and Japan is doing what it does best, picking it up and taking it to a whole new level.

Yahoo!Japan’s, the LODGE, celebrated a year of existence this month and was open to the general public for free to further promote its use. Now members cards are now available for all those who enjoyed their experience and are interested in using the space.

Located in the heart of Chiyoda-ku, on the 18th floor of Tokyo Garden Terrace, this space welcomes you in style with wooden floors and carpeted spaces, complete with a wooden finish to the desks, table tops, and counters. And don’t get us started on the views…
Hanging from the high ceilings are message bubbles with words like “communication”, “teamwork”, “ideas”, “brainstorming” etc. almost as if to remind its users of the work ‘magic’ that could happen therein.

The space is also equipped with a kitchen/cafe, a studio, mother and child-friendly spaces, meeting rooms, wifi, water dispensers, chargers, extension cords, screens, projectors…you name it!

So if you are ever in need of a little space where you could let your mind creatively wander and who knows, make a friend or two, you might want to check out Yahoo!Japan’s Lodge.

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