Tokyo and Rio, how much do the Olympics cost in bribes?

Tokyo and Rio, how much do the Olympics cost in bribes?
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It has for some time now been known that FIFA, one of world’s sports’ biggest bodies, has had numerous cases of corruption. However recent evidence compiled by French investigators is suggesting that the Olympic committee too may have been complicit with the buying of votes by competing cities campaigns.

Information by prosecutors alleges that Papa Massata Diack, son of the former International Olympic Committee member, Lamine Diack, who himself is currently the subject of an ongoing investigation into corruption claims, received possible bribes from various campaigns. The evidence is based on Mr. Diack going on a shopping spree in Paris, reportedly spending hundreds of thousands of Euros on expensive designer jewelry at the time of the Paris and Tokyo bids. Diack has refuted the claim stating that it is the “biggest lie in the history of world sport”. French prosecutors have also informed their Brazilian counterparts whom will assumedly launch investigations to validate or disprove these corruption claims. As to the investigation on the Tokyo bid, not much has been released as of this moment, however the Japanese government has said it will comply and help any investigation launched into the alleged activities.

However, in 2016 investigative research led by the Guardian newspaper showed a seven-figure sum had been given by the Japanese bid team to an account called Black Tidings linked to Massata Diack. At this moment, one can only wonder how the IOC will react to the news that these reports are now being seriously investigated.

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