Priests picking up on tourist boom

Priests picking up on tourist boom
Photo Credit To John Gillespie

To help cash in on the recent trend of rising tourism and the government’s goal of 40 million tourists by 2020, Japanese temples have been adapting to tourists as a means of making a much-needed income.

Temple priests have come up with some far more contemporary means of keeping their places of worship afloat. These include the usage of English and English-based tours and classes. Classes include activities such as meditation or practice of the arts.

The priests have also taken it upon themselves to adapt more to the modern way of marketing. This means utilizing famous foreign hotel websites such as Expedia to help promote these newly developing activities to primarily foreign clienteles.

This comes as no surprise as since 1994 the gross income within the temples, estimated a cabinet office survey, has decreased by 40% since 1994. As a result, temple carers and priests have been keen to pick up on those to who are new to Japanese temples and culture and who therefore have more of an interest in attending for educational or leisure activities.

In the run up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, this seems like a great way to help not only advertise Japan and its friendly society but also promote the learning of its other cultural aspects.

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