Newspapers going out of style?

Newspapers going out of style?
Photo Credit To Jeff Eaton

Several top executives and editors gathered in Turin, Italy to discuss the future of newspaper prints and the takeover of the digital world.

With the number of subscribers dropping, a shrink in newsrooms and advertisements falling, the question everyone is asking is, “Is there a future for newspapers?”

Back in the day, newspaper printing was a profitable business but with the Internet age, there has been a tremendous change. Nowadays, both the young and old generation is opting for the digital form of news through mediums like Facebook. After all, who would not swap a handful of papers for a device containing all the necessary information at zero cost? In Japan, for example, a survey showed the internet usage overall came to 66.8% and 81.2% of those surveyed admitted to reading news on search websites.

The event hosted by La Stampa, a 150 year old newspaper affiliated to FIAT brought together the top executives and editors of well known newspaper prints like New York Times, The Economist, Le Monde, Financial Times, South China Morning Post, Bild and Nikkei as well as the digital players like Huffington Post, The Information and Politico.

While most seemed to agree that the future was digital, some still held a positive outlook on the future of newspaper prints in the future. CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos thinks newspapers might be more resilient than thought and added, “It will be something exotic…” He also added that a shift from print to digital at Washington Post enabled the 139-year old franchise to pursue its long-held dream of becoming a national publication as opposed to a regional paper.

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