Japanese Biz-nesses opt to let workers work from home

Japanese Biz-nesses opt to let workers work from home
Photo Credit To Azlan Dupree

If you have ever had to commute or use the Tokyo transportation system, specifically trains, during rush hour you will know how packed it can get. The pain of having to force yourself into the train only to then be sardined in even more by platform attendants. As you bake in the body heat of other travelers you question why it must be this way.

Well, now an initiative supported by Tokyo Governor, Yuriko Koike, and the Tokyo Government is trying to help ease the pressure by providing commuters with an alternative. The project referred to as “Jisa Biz”, seeks to enable some of Tokyo’s busy bodies a chance to work from home. By utilizing small robots that can transmit audio to their offices, workers can still be active employees whilst also not experiencing the commute. This incentive not only seeks to help increase workers’ productivity and ease tiredness but also will ease pressure on the morning journey. The incentive also promotes “staggered” work hours. To help promote this, workers at Shinjuku-Nishiguchi station handed out bottled tea to workers between 7 am and 8 am to promote an earlier commute.

These were not the only incentives with different train companies offering different incentives from shopping coupons to lotteries for home appliances. The initiative is set to run through to the 25th of July with further schemes depending on the success of this first run. There is one thing for sure, the brief respite this scheme provides will be welcomed by many.

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