Okinawa – Next stop for promoting 7 premium brand

Okinawa – Next stop for promoting 7 premium brand
Photo Credit To Mike Mozart

Seven Eleven is one of Japan’s largest convenience stores and currently has over 3,600 items on shelves and stores in numerous countries across the Asian continent.

The 7-11 company has finally decided to set roots in Okinawa, which was the only prefecture in Japan that had none of its stores opened yet and plans to establish its first 100% subsidiary this year to better cater to the needs of the locals.

Okinawa’s proximity to other foreign countries has proved an attractive draw for Japan’s largest convenience store operator and President Kazuyuki Furuya says the company plans to use the prefecture as a “transportation hub” in order to expand the sales of the brand and added that Asia is a continent full of attractive markets including China.

The company has plans to open an estimated 250 outlets in the prefecture over the next 5 years commencing in 2019, mainly in the capital Naha.

7-11 stores have grown in popularity in the Asian region with 9,788 outlets in Thailand, 5137 in Taiwan, 8679 stores in South Korea and plan to open its first store on June 15th in Vietnam amongst others.

It hopes to use Okinawa as a stepping stone for expanding the sales of the in-house brand across Asia as the demand for Japanese foods and snacks are on a steady increase in the region.

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