Discovering the culture of Islam in Japan

Discovering the culture of Islam in Japan
Photo Credit To Juan Alexandre

The Tokyo Turkish Center also known as the Tokyo Camii is a beautiful mosque, located near Yoyogi-Uehara station. The white building inspired from Turkish-style architecture gives every visitor the feeling of being in Istanbul and is the second mosque built in Japan after the one in Kobe.

The Muslim population in Japan today stands at almost 100,000 hence the necessity for a place to welcome the ever increasing number of Muslims settling in Japan.

The policy of the Tokyo Camii is simple; sharing. All are more than welcome to visit the mosque no matter their religion or country of origin. The mosque was built to encourage sharing and a better understanding of the Muslim faith and regularly organizes dinners and events. This also explains the growing number of visitors and new believers.

“This month, being the holy month of Ramadan is a special moment for Muslims and during this time we clean our bodies and minds by fasting while the sun is up.” Says Benjelloun Naim, an engineer working for the mosque.
He also adds that being Muslim in Japan is very convenient thanks to the value of respect in Japan.

The Tokyo Camii is a must-visit place in Japan and the best way to share and discover more of Islam.

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