Amazon Japan plans to build team of couriers

Amazon Japan plans to build team of couriers

The world-renowned E-commerce titan is working towards building a team of 10,000 independent couriers in the Tokyo region by the year 2020.

This comes as a result of Yamato Holdings, the biggest deliverer and one of its key-shippers, curtailing with aims of eventually completely pulling out.

Amazon has at least 10 delivery hubs throughout the country and offers same-day deliveries in urban areas via delivery companies like Yamato Transport and Japan post but building this team would mean little to no reliance on these major parcel delivery companies. It is estimated to ship about 300 million packages per year in Japan and this represents about 10% of the country’s door-to-door parcel deliveries.

In Tokyo, the epicenter of demand, the logistic company Maruwa Unyu Kikan handles deliveries for clients such as the online grocers. This company will be taking on Amazon’s one-day delivery by organizing a team of independent couriers and outsourcing the work and has already started the process in some parts of the city.

Maruwa has built a fleet of 100 mini trucks, which it plans to increase to 1000 by the fiscal 2017 and by 2020, a fleet of 10,000 trucks and drivers to handle same-day deliveries. Additional delivery hubs will mean a total investment surpassing 10 billion JPY (89.7 million USD) to be covered by Maruwa.

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