Pakistan and Japan—To Japan with Love

Pakistan and Japan—To Japan with Love


H.E Mr. Farukh Amil
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Japan

Japan has been a wonderful adventure. I was about eight years old when someone gave me a calendar with a picture of the first Bullet Train with the magnificent Mount Fuji as a back drop. I wondered what this country, so far away would be like, dreaming that one day I would love to visit. Then came the original Godzilla movies! Fighting with Mothra was one of my favorites. Again I was inspired and intrigued.

The people, the mountains, the lakes, the forests, the ocean views, and so many other things I cannot forget. The ancient tree at Kamakura that for a fleeting moment propelled some energy through me when I reached out to touch its branch; the mysterious low cloud wafting through the trees on a crystal clear day at Mount Takao, the home of Tengu; the hot sands on Mount Aso; and Koya-san in swirling deep snow.

Most of all, the marvelous people of Japan – from the elegance of the Imperial Family to my various Japanese friends, without whom I would have been lost. Their kindness and respect epitomized the grandeur of this truly kind and welcoming society. I cannot forget the elders from Iijima Town in Nagano nor can I forget individuals like the elderly lady in the subway who offered me a chocolate; in her eyes, I saw the love of a mother.

It is only when you leave a country that you fully realize its true worth and one’s experiences blossom in a forever memory. The four years seem now to have flashed by so quickly. In our profession we never truly set down roots, so we think. But I left a little bit of my heart in Japan and so much of Japan has traveled in my heart with me.

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