Inside the mind of an art wunderkind

Inside the mind of an art wunderkind
Photo Credit To anokarina

Known worldwide for her expression of both extremes; vivid and dark color palettes, dot patterns and eyes staring back at you and sometimes, you might feel, into your soul, Yayoi Kusama invites everyone on a journey to her “Eternal Soul”.

Thousands of visitors, both Japanese and foreign, have streamed into the Tokyo Art Museum in Nogizaka to get a glimpse at the masterpieces displayed on the walls and floors of the museum. The colorful patterns are both interactive and fascinating, hypnotizing its viewers and taking them on a journey of what it might look like in the mind of one of Japan’s most renowned artists and one of the most important voices in the world of the avant-garde.

Inspired by specific periods in her life in Japan, NY and France, Kusama’s art is a storyline, attracting people of all ages, both art-lovers and amateurs. Some of the more known ones being the room of obliteration in which the visitors can be part of the art by putting on round stickers provided by the museum, the Infinity Mirror rooms and the big polka-dotted pumpkin.

The store showcases postcards, magnets, tote bags, calendars and even figurines has a 50minute waiting line! This has been the largest exhibition so far boasting of her artwork.

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