New study havens for Japanese graduates

New study havens for Japanese graduates
Photo Credit To University of the Fraser Valley

Japanese graduates’ destination for further studies has seen a massive change. Following the recent terrorist attacks in both Europe and America, as well as the influx of immigrants from third world countries, Japanese students are seeking different study havens.

The history, culture, and lifestyle of European cities like London or Paris, and those America were till of recent the focal point for most Japanese students looking to further their studies in these countries but with the rising number of attacks in various areas in these two countries, there has been a huge drop in the number of Japanese foreign students enrolling in local universities.

Moreover, more and more Japanese have expressed the fear of being discriminated upon by locals in other countries and voice the desire to stay home in Japan where they say life is easy and where they can share and enjoy the same culture with those around them.

This has been taken seriously by the Japanese government that has tried to encourage and promote studies abroad through numerous scholarships and special campaigns.

Oceania seems to be getting a lot more attention with New Zealand and Australia being the newer hotspots for Japanese students as well as Canada. Auckland moved to the 3rd position from 8th in 2006 while Vancouver stayed in the first position same as in 2006. Reasons being the close proximity to Japan and security of these countries.

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