Japan’s Growing Love for Meat

Japan’s Growing Love for Meat
Photo Credit To Jun Seita

In a country otherwise known for its famous Tsukiji fish market and numerous sushi restaurant joints, meat consumption in Japan has been on a stable rise for the past 10 years.

Between April 2015 and March 2016, there has been a growth rate of 3.4% in the whole of Japan and this includes all the main types of meat; beef, pork, and chicken.

This evolution in the consumption pattern of Japanese people could provide economic opportunities, given the agricultural sector in Japan has not been able to provide enough produce for the population.

Provider countries like Australia and USA are already active in this high-value market while Britain is still considered a small-scale exporter and is looking to improve these rates. Head of ADHB exports, Jean-Pierre Garner adds that the Japanese market is looking for high-quality products and he believes Britain could meet these needs.

Apart from strong competition in the market, other roadblocks remain such as the lack of international conventions between both countries. Japan just recently signed a new international agreement with the E.U, known for its strict sanitary restrictions.

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