White Day, Only in Japan
Photo Credit To Danny Choo

White Day, Only in Japan

While Valentine’s Day is seemingly long gone, in Japan, girls and women alike look forward to yet another day of love and presents of all kinds.

Yes, we are referring to the very well celebrated White Day, the equivalent of Valentine’s Day around the world, only this time, it is the men’s turn to ponder on what to offer their loved one or even someone they secretly like.

White Day remains less popular to its fellow competitor Valentine’s Day, with only 45% of men celebrating this day. The unique difference? White Day is mostly celebrated among married couples in Japan. The stories as to how this special day came about vary with some claiming it began as an idea from a marshmallow making factory given the “white” to the name, while others believe it was an idea brought up by a number of confectionary CEOs in the 70s, providing an equal opportunity marketing gimmick.

Needless to say, men do not get a free ride and their female counterparts’ expectations have risen since the 70s and according to polls, in order of preference, are jewelry, watches and handbags. Well, best believe Cartier and Louis Vuitton are not complaining.

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