Honda No.2 Automaker in Indonesia
Photo Credit To Kenny Louis

Honda No.2 Automaker in Indonesia

Honda this year sold 199,000 units, a little more than the sales recorded by the market leader, Toyota Motor, which grew by 18% to 381,000 units. It saw a rise of 25%, the highest increase recorded in the industry and secured second spot in Indonesia’s sales last year.

Honda has attributed this increase in sales to the launch of several new products like the Honda B-RV. Jonis Fandy, Marketing and Aftersales service Director at Honda prospect motors says this was supported by the expansion of dealerships. Honda ran 167 dealerships across Indonesia in 2016, and aims to increase the number to 205 as of this year. He adds, “With the economy projected to be conducive in 2017, Honda is optimistic about further increasing our sales.”

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