Record peak in foreign visits to Japan

Record peak in foreign visits to Japan
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Japan is without doubt one of the best destinations in the world to visit. Temples, markets, museums, and markets are just a few of the many offerings you will find in this bustling, tech-centric concrete jungle.

It is hence no surprise that the number of foreign visitors to Japan has risen to 20% as of last year, with a total of 24.039 million visitors. This is a record figure showing a 5-year growth streak and a total of 2.23 million long-term or permanent foreign residents in Japan.

Although following the earthquake and tsunami that hit eastern Japan in March of 2011 there was a large number of foreigners leaving Japan, the influx of tourists as well as foreigners seeking work or residence in Japan slowly and consistently rose. This has been thanks to a weak yen and a looser visa requirement system, a majority of these visitors coming in from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

The number of international students in Japan has also shown an increase and hit over 200,000 in 2015, with Asian countries accounting for 90% of the total.

With the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Japan is getting ready to welcome about 40 million foreigners!

Government agencies aim at budgeting more towards tourism-related activities and a sum of 25.6 billion yen ($220 million) has been given to the tourism agency for fiscal 2017. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide Suga, asserts tourism as a priority for this year.

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