NIWAKA—Classical Tradition, Modern Luxury

NIWAKA—Classical Tradition, Modern Luxury

Jewelry is a timeless possession that can forever maintain its beauty. As such, it is important that the creation of jewelry is done with the highest attention to detail and implementation of the finest designs. This knowledge is embraced by the Japanese jewelry company NIWAKA. The luxury brand was founded by Koka Toshikazu Aoki, who was born in Shiga prefecture. After working for three years, honing his craft as a jeweler in Nagoya, he established NIWAKA in 1983. In 1985, NIWAKA was one of the first jewelry brands to retail its own brand and products directly, when it opened its own store in Kita-ku in Kyoto, which was revolutionary for the time, and in 2000, NIWAKA expanded to open its first store abroad in New York City.

Based in the center of Kyoto, Niwaka prides itself on taking inspiration from 1,200 years traditional and cultural Japanese art. “Niwaka stays true to its heritage by celebrating the vibrant history and culture of Kyoto.” Niwaka accepts only the highest quality, conflict-free diamonds for its jewelry creations and they strictly inspect every diamond with a microscope to ensure that they meet high standards. “It is NIWAKA’s sincere aspiration to breathe new life into traditional Japanese motifs and share them with the world.”

For a variety of tastes, Niwaka has an assortment of Jewelry collections. These collections range from the natural and curvy, such as the Amane, which aims to capture the radiance of beautiful seascapes, to the complex and sharp, such as the Kyokomichi collection which takes inspiration from the cobblestone paths of old Kyoto. NIWAKA even creates abstractly magnificent jewelry in its Kyo No Matsuri, which aims to capture the color and excitement of a festival.

Niwaka truly captures the idea of “luxury is precious”, as every piece they craft is worth cherishing.

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