Manga penetrates Le Louvre

Manga penetrates Le Louvre
Photo Credit To Jasper Noordam

The renowned French Louvre museum is undertaking a project known as “Louvre No.9” exhibition, which will feature both Manga and French graphic novels otherwise known as Bande Dessinees or BD.

Fabrice Douar, deputy director of Le Louvre’s department of publications mentioned wanting to reinvigorate culture through this exhibition and added, “Consequently, it should also bring in the younger generation.”

Shinichi Sakamoto, one of the seven artists from Japan, was one of the 16 artists, whose artwork is on display, including “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” artist Hirohiko Araki, alongside nine other French-speaking artists.

“I’m honored to become part of the project…I can feel the potential in Manga’s reach, both in distance and time.” Sakamoto said of this opportunity and added he never imagined working with the world popular museum. He is popular for his manga “Innocent” featuring an 18th century executioner and has been carried weekly in a comic magazine for 4 years.

He hopes more opportunities like these will arise, encouraging both genres to further influence each other.
The exhibition is ongoing in Osaka and other cities in Japan.

  • Grand Front Osaka, Osaka – (Dec.1st – Jan.29th)
  • Fukuokan Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka (April 15th – May 28th)
  • Matsuzakaya Art Museum, Nagoya (July 15th – Sept.3rd)

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