Introduction—Luxury at its Best

Introduction—Luxury at its Best

What is luxury? Why do we desire luxury?

Luxury can never be defined because luxury takes many forms, creates experiences or feelings in one’s life that can never be replicated. In search for luxurious experiences and luxurious items, a luxury seeker demands rarity, something unique, and something that separates them from the rest. Luxury can be for the thrill seeker, luxury can be for the affluent, luxury can be for the stylish. Luxury can be for anyone, but is only embraced by the select few that can truly appreciate the qualities that make an item or experience worth the investment, the qualities that make an item or experience luxurious.

Luxury is alone, where one can find themselves separated from society, when one can attain a sense of complete freedom from the world, such an experience can be found on a White Desert Antarctica excursion. Luxury is the unknown, where one can see what few have seen before, when one can break free of their comfort zone and experience the unexperienceable; the Moon Express delivers such a luxury. Luxury is VIP, when one can be treated like royalty, receive perks, and break away from the practical; this form of luxury is embraced by Gold, Black, and Titanium MasterCards. Finally, luxury is precious, where a possession is made from the highest quality materials available, created with the utmost degree of craftsmanship, and inspired from the greatest of traditions, such luxurious qualities are exemplified by the jewelry creations of NIWAKA.

Indulge in the finer things, explore that which leaves awe; here are four forms of luxury that can create memories or senses of opulence, ownership, or grandeur that can never be replicated.

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