Foreigner-friendly disaster information system being set up

Foreigner-friendly disaster information system being set up
Photo Credit To Lauren Manning
Yesterday an earthquake of 5.9 magnitude hit the eastern coast of Japan, just one of the several earthquakes to hit after that of March 2011, one that left about 230,000 people homeless with about 15,894 dead or missing and seeing more than 161,000 foreigners leave the Land of the Rising Sun.
With the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games, the Japanese Internal Affairs Ministry is working on a new system currently on trial at certain airports aimed at providing foreigners living in Japan with little or no proficiency in the Japanese language with prompt disaster information via smartphones. This will be provided in multiple languages and hopes to help foreigners safely evacuate in the event of any major disaster.
Foreigners are asked to provide personal information as well as the language spoken to airport officials on their arrival and this will help provide evacuation information. The coverage for this system will be expanded to major railway stations, airports, hotels, as well as stadiums all over the country, starting April of fiscal 2017.

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