Bollywood meets Cinema of Japan

Bollywood meets Cinema of Japan
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One of the world’s movie industry giants, Bollywood will be working together with the Japanese film industry on a movie titled “Love in Tokyo”. This will be the first collaboration ever between both countries and shooting is said to begin in Japan early this year.

Bollywood produces more movies and sells more than $4 billion tickets every year, which is twice more than Hollywood, once hitting a record of single film production cost of $27 million for a movie called “Ra. One”.

The 1950’s were known as the Golden age of Japanese Cinema with three of its movies making the Sights and Sounds 2002 Critics and Directors poll for best films of all time. This period also helped raise great Japanese cinema artists like Akira Kurosawa, Masaki Kobayashi who used the effects of the war and occupation by America in creatively unique ways. The same year also saw Ishiro Honda direct the renowned movie Godzilla, remade and released last year in July with a box office of $77.9 million.

Expectations are high as this film is projected to see a peak in cultural exchanges and better mutual understanding with the briskly growing security ties and bilateral economy.

So for all you movie lovers out there, stay tuned for this exciting & most possibly extravagant crossbreed of cinema.

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