The journey of Japanese Anime

Although from its very beginning, Japanese anime faced an uphill battle, being overshadowed by the popularity of Disney cartoons and costlier to produce than the western animations, there was talk about the high quality of the “manga films”.

The great Kanto earthquake in 1923 destroyed all seeming hope of the industry taking flight and the industry was forced to start from scratch as it continued to struggle, unable to respond to innovations such as the first talkies in 1929 and the color film in 1932.

Fast forward to this date, when the Japanese television anime has gained popularity not only in Japan, but also among the young people overseas and has even inspired a fashion trend. Today, the animated film “君の名” (Your Name), by filmmaker Shinkai Makoto, has been seen by more than 15 million moviegoers in Japan as of Monday since its official release in August 26th of this year and has surpassed 20 billion yen in domestic box office revenue. It is currently the 2nd gross Japanese film and it’s the first to accomplish such a feat since “Spirited Away”, 15 years ago.

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