Sayonara Sexism, Hello Liberalism

Sayonara Sexism, Hello Liberalism
Photo Credit To CSIS
Although 2016 has been dubbed the worst year of the millennium so far, some countries seem to be enjoying a favorable wind of change. With the passing of music stars like Prince, David Bowie to sports legend Muhammad Ali to waking up to the constant outcry of stranded civilians in Aleppo, one can only wonder if there is anything getting any better anywhere else around the globe.
The answer to that fortunately will be yes! This year just could be the start of something new and better among the Japanese population.
For what seems like the longest time, Japanese women have never borne the image of the “independent woman” described in western movies or music videos but more often than not been seen as “lowly”. This seems to be taking a different turn thanks to a national effort of encouraging women empowerment and support from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Governor Yuriko Koike through initiatives like WAW and Womenomics. Kotobukitaisha, Christmas Cake, kekkontekireiki amongst others that used to be considered a norm when addressing women, are all sexist terms that seem to be gathering dust and now Japanese women over the age of 25 are liberated from being seen as just a wife, mother or sexual object to owning cars, careers and leading their own lives.
Companies like IBM Japan have even started in-house departments where diversity awareness is promoted as well as compliance and tolerance. The Japanese corporate world is slowly coming to the realization that women’s flexibility, resilience and endurance as well as general positive outlook on life pans out to be of great value and is advantageous to them. The truth remains, much still needs to be done but overall, the change is becoming more obvious.
So it might be save to say, this year isn’t all bad after all.

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