Peaches; changing the face of agriculture in Japan

Peaches; changing the face of agriculture in Japan
Photo Credit To Ewan Traveler

Think you have tasted the best? Well, think again.

Furuyama Koji a local farmer from Japan’s Miyagi prefecture, this year succeeded in growing peaches that have tested up to 50% higher in sugar content than those on record. Let’s put that in perspective, shall we. So far, the Guinness record holding peaches were tested at 22 degrees brix and your average ripe peach would fall between 11 to 14 degree brix. Peaches grown on his farm have tested an unprecedented 32 degrees brix!

How he does it? Using the principle, a peach picked today should be eaten tomorrow. Peaches being fragile fruits are usually picked prematurely to avoid over ripening or damage from insects or harsh weather, which unfortunately goes a long way to compromise the taste and freshness of the fruit. “Tree-ripening is the ultimate extravagance when it comes to peaches.” Says Mr. Koji and adds although peach growing requires a lot of patience and efficiency, “tender loving” is the key to delicious peaches.

Next year his farm plans to apply for a new Guinness record title.

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