NISSIN’s healthier cup noodles

Photo Credit To Yuya Tamai
Nissin’s instant cup noodles are a favorite to both Japanese and foreigners who just want a quick noodle fix or have a sudden craving for Japan’s popular instant noodles sold with different flavors. Cup noodles or cup ramen, as they are commonly referred to in Japan, were introduced in 1971 and since then have been marketed worldwide using several different brand names, also declared the best Japanese invention of the 20th century.
Taking a closer look at these bad boys, it is no wonder they have been criticized as unhealthy given the high levels of salt and monosodium glutamate used in producing the accompanying flavors.
NISSIN announced Sunday, its plans to cut down on the levels of salt content used in the production of the cup ramen by 15% by 2020, with hopes of attracting “health-conscious” consumers as well as create awareness among instant noodle-makers within Japan on the levels of salt and sodium in their products.

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