Kyocera to acquire U.K. based supplier of office equipment & IT services

Photo Credit To Nikkei

The U.K. based company, Annodata, specializes in building unified communications infrastructure for offices and has made roughly $80 million in sales for the year ended in June.

It also sells and maintains printers and copiers from manufacturers like Kyocera, as well as IT services.

Kyocera’s electronic components business has struggled amid the slow sales of smartphones and in an effort to forward its printer and copier operations in Europe and North America, plans sending its employees to build network & maintenance know-how.

A deal between both companies is said to be made as early as Tuesday, U.K. time at a cost of $10 billion yen. Kyocera also bought the Ceyoniq group, a German developer specializing in management software, last November and hopes to gain a leg ahead of its rivals, by combining its own copiers using Annodata’s services and Ceyoniq’s software.

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