Introduction—How Japan Keeps the World Healthy

Introduction—How Japan Keeps the World Healthy

Health is a critical topic that affects everyone. No matter where someone resides, what they do for a living, or their genetic history, health is important to them. As years go by, people across the world live longer and healthier lives. This is due to the great strides humanity has made in medical research and medical innovations, to which Japan has greatly contributed. Japan is at the forefront of the medical and health industries. Through private sector funded research and innovation, Japan is creating a healthier world.

Japan has the third largest world economy and the financial situation is utilized to promote an aggressive and successful education system that brings out the best in the students regarding math and science abilities. As such, Japan has produced its fair share of innovators and medical discoverers, such as the 2016 Nobel Prize winner, Yoshinori Ohsumi, who was awarded for his breakthrough research in the field of Autophagy. Aside from Ohsumi, there have been many Japanese scientists and researchers who have made incredible breakthroughs, such as developing a procedure to heal hearts using myoblast cells and using virtual reality to combat phantom pain. Japan is also an industry leader in robotics and this technology is being used to develop artificial companions and caretakers that can play a role in benefiting humanity’s day-to-day lives.

Currently, the Japanese government is running a massive campaign to educate thousands about sports and motivate them to live an active and healthy lifestyle. This program is called “Sport for Tomorrow” and if successful, many individuals will live longer, healthier lives and build community through sport appreciation. Furthermore, Japan has a quality universal healthcare system and a growing number of medical tourists come to Japan for treatment every year.

Whether it is on a public level or an individual level, Japan is playing a key role in creating a healthier world.

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