Drop in Tokyo taxi fares

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Japan is a fast paced country with its capital booming with a population of 13.62 million as of July 31st this year. Commuting, especially in central Tokyo is not much of a fuss thanks to the advanced and well-organized train and subway system. For the more active and “trend” following ones, bikes or motor bikes seem to be the easiest as well cheapest way around as car parking spots are rare to find, not to mention expensive. Buses also are a cheap means of commuting with bus fares as cheap as 100yen, but what about taxis? It is not uncommon to hear foreigners especially referring to Tokyo taxi fares as expensive. Japan was ranked 35th out of the 70 top cities with the most expensive taxi fares in the world, with a starting fare of 710 yen for 2km. As a result, many people shy away from their use unless in groups so as to be able to share the total price.
Well this might come as a pleasant surprise to always on the move taxi users. Japan’s transport ministry announced Tuesday its prospect of lowering the taxi starting fare to 410yen for 1.052km as of January 30th of next year, applicable to the 23 busy wards in Tokyo. In so doing, it hopes to encourage demand of casual short distance rides amongst tourists visiting Japan as well as the elderly.

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