Togo and Japan—Bringing the Smile of Africa to Japan


Mr. Afognon Kouakou SEDAMINOU
Chargé d’affaires ad interim of the Republic of Togo to Japan

Having arrived in Japan as a Chargé d’affaires ad of Togo to Japan in the beginning of August 2016, I would like to exert myself to continue reinforcing and developing the excellent relations of friendship and cooperation which unite Togo and Japan.

Since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between our two countries, then the creation of the Embassy of Togo in Japan in 2010, these relations have never ceased to diversify. These good relations are shown bilaterally, as well as multilaterally, in the international field, by virtue of sharing values and norms in terms of democracy, good governance, promotion and protection of human rights, and promotion of peace in the world.

TICAD VI, which was held for the first time in Africa, marks a new turning point for the excellent relations that unite our two countries.

Togo offers a number of investment opportunities like its port that is the only deepwater port in the West African sub region with the capacity to receive ships of the latest generations and with its new modern airport, which has today, become a hub with the presence of ASKY Airlines. Togo embraces a lot of cultural and touristic diversities too.

This month, precisely on the 15th of October, we have organized a special summit of the African Union (AU) on maritime security and piracy, as well as development in order to examine the questions on maritime security, acts of aggression, robbery, armed holdup, various forms of trafficking which pass by the sea, fish poaching, preservation of the marine environment, the sea as a factor of development, and regional and international cooperation for safeguarding the maritime security and dealing with the problem of migration, for the better security of the sea and turning marine economy into a driving force of development.

We welcome you to visit Togo and explore the “Smile of Africa,” and the “Gold of Humanity.”

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