Japan through the eyes of the Ambassador of Macedonia
Photo Credit To Dr. Andrijana Cvetkovik

Japan through the eyes of the Ambassador of Macedonia

Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Japan, Dr. Andrijana Cvetkovik received Grand Prize for the photo titled “Circle of Life” at the photo competition “Scintillating JAPAN”, which is part of the annual cultural event “Japan through Diplomats’ Eyes.

This competition is supported and attended by Her Highness Princess Hisako of Takamado, which is the honorary president of the event’s executive committee; H.E. Hirofumi Nakasone, a former minister of Foreign Affairs and member of House of Councilors; the Chief of Protocol of MOFA Mr. Kaoru Shimazaki, and many ambassadors, diplomats and supporters.

The photo that took the Grand Prize features the Kandagawa river, of which Ambassador Cvetkovik said: “I took this photo at the Ochanomizu station, where I usually go to visit the Orthodox Christian Church St. Nikolai to pray for peace, love and forgiveness. When I saw for the first time the view of the circle reflected in the river and the juxtaposition of the passing trains it reminded me of the Zen philosophy of Buddhism. It also reminded me of the symbol of Tokyo – the round route of the JR Yamanote Line, which evoked the thought of the continuous repetition of the cycle of birth and passing. The circle is a universal symbol representing repetition and we all witness these days the repetition of history or war as part of our human nature. Through this symbolic photo, I would like to express my wish that history will not repeat itself again and again in the future, and that we as a human race will learn our lessons and disrupt this circle of suffering and we will enter a new cycle of love, peace and mutual understanding through culture and cooperation.”

For more information about Japan through Diplomats’ Eyes and the next events, please visit the official website: www.diplomatseyes.com.

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