Togo—Bringing the smile of Africa to Japan
Photo Credit To Embassy of Togo in Tokyo

Togo—Bringing the smile of Africa to Japan

The Togolese Cultural Festival in Japan.

As part of its effort to promote the Togolese culture and strengthen the bilateral and cultural cooperation between Togo and Japan, the Embassy of Togo organized the Togolese Cultural Festival in Japan from March 31st to April 30th, 2016.

The event brought together six music artists and one visual artist, King Mensah, Adjoa Sika, Amen Viana, Jean-Baptiste GBADOE, Rass Nomagnon, Jean-Alain Hohy, Liebe Adzodo, and more than five thousand Japanese attendees.

The outcome of the festival was quite satisfactory. The festival took place in 15 cities in Japan, where 14 of the cities hosted concerts and 3 hosted workshops. In each of the cities where a concert was held, a documentary on Togolese tourism was shown, as well as the short film “Les avalés du Grand bleu” from the Togolese filmmaker Maxim Tchinkou.

Among all the cities visited by the festival, Tokyo hosted the most activities. Besides the concert held on April 22nd and the workshop on April 4th, an art exhibition and a food fair were organized. Also, it is necessary to highlight the success of the “Togo, the Smile of Africa” themed essay contest that was open to Japanese high school students.

In addition, the opportunity was seized to present Togolese products to the public, such as drinks, chocolate, Kinkeliba herbal tea, coffee, and handicrafts.

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