The Negotiation Workshop Dinner	for Female Ambassadors and Leaders

The Negotiation Workshop Dinner for Female Ambassadors and Leaders

Inter Media Japan strongly promotes women empowerment issues, not only on the pages of JAPAN and the WORLD magazine, but also by organizing events. The Negotiation Workshop Dinner for female ambassadors and leaders took place at The Peninsula Tokyo on the 30th of June. The event was also attended by the General Manager of the hotel, Sonja Vodusek. Malene Rix, an executive advisor and trainer in negotiation and process facilitation, who came all the way from Denmark, conducted the workshop.

Every day, women face situations that require using negotiation skills as a way to get things done in the workplace – resolving conflicts and reaching agreements about things both large and small. Focusing exclusively on the “issues”, however, can lead to disastrous results – the personalities matter too! The purpose of the negotiation workshop with Malene was to understand a practical approach to deal with both issues and managing interpersonal dynamics in order to achieve successful and positive outcomes from everyday meetings and negotiations. The subjects that were discussed in the workshop were the phases of negotiations and, specifically, the negotiation with yourself. For a successful negotiation, it is crucial to find out what one wishes to achieve and to weigh different options. Furthermore, there are the phases of influencing others; to prepare the ground or the meeting; to reach agreements with others and the last phase after the meeting is that what was negotiated is then carried out. The key is to be assuredly proactive.

Moreover, Malene advised the participants to solve the problems of gender biases in negotiations.

After the negotiation workshop, the participants enjoyed a four course dinner. The dinner had exquisite ambiance and extraordinary service. It was a delightful way to cap off the enlightening event. It was truly memorable.

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